Author and Presenter Dr. Peter Lubrecht’s latest book and dynamic presentations are committed to making History come alive!

During the American Revolution, Great Britain hired thirty thousand German troops to fight rebellious colonists. Five thousand of those troops marched across New Jersey from Princeton and Trenton all the way to the northern tip of Sussex County. Though popular legend would cast them as cold and vicious mercenaries, many were prisoners of war with little choice. Stories of their exploits still circulate in New Jersey, from the headless Hessian of the Morristown Swamp to the mysterious Ramapo Mountain people. Join author Pete Lubrecht as he navigates the myth of Hessian troops in New Jersey to separate fiction from fact.

New Jersey Hessians Legends: Truth and Lore (Available signed by the author 21.99 + postage)

Book Signings / Presentations
December 27 ,2017

Presentation NJ Hessians Truth and Lore: New Jersey State Library Trenton. 12:00 Noon with a book signing

June 17 ,2017

Stillwater Day Book Signing 2:00-Dark

June 10 ,2017

Warren County Day -Stewartsville, NJ Book Signing 10-6

May 20 ,2017

Branchville Arts Walk: Book Signing in Front of Broadstreet Books

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