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During the last two years, during the current Government administration, Carl Schurz has been quoted frequently in news media across the nation. Little is written or about his amazing accomplishments and contributions to American life. The wars with Germany along with anti-German and anti-immigrant feelings have diminished his 19th Century fame and political activity. Carl Schurz was a renaissance man whose life’s journey beginning in the small town of Liblar Germany and ending to the late nineteenth century “Gilded Age“ in New York City reads like a novel. His memory and name lives on monuments, towns and streets named after him; and on American and German postage stamps and ships. .Memorial plaques with his image are in towns across Germany and the United States. Carl Schurz Park, near where he lived in the Yorkville neighborhood of New York is being renovated, and his seven foot tall bronze statute done from a death mask by sculptor Karl Bitter standing on a granite plinth, overlooks Morningside Park on 116th Street in New York.

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October 08, 2022

Stillwater Day @ Stillwater School 10-4:00

October 09, 2022

Newton Day

October 20, 2022

Presntation -the Other N Word Sons of the American Revolution ^:00

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