Growing Up German American in a Post Holocaust Jewish Neighborhood. (45 minutes with Power Point)

This presentation focuses on the post war and Holocaust in New York's Inwood section which was known as Frankfurt on the Hudson or the Fourth Reich. As the only Lutheran child in an all Jewish Class in 1947, and as a minority in a predominantly Jewish High School, growing up presented some interesting challenges; however, the experience as shown is a positive one and is demonstrated against the background of this unique neighborhood.

New Jersey Hessians in the American Revolution:Truth and Lore (45 minutes and power point)

This presentation was done to a "sold out house" an the New Jersey State Library in December of 2017. Stories of "Hessian" exploits "still circulate in New Jersey, from the headless Hessian of the Morristown Swamp to the mysterious Ramapo Mountain people. Join author Peter Lubrecht as he navigates the myth of Hessian troops in New Jersey to separate fiction from fact. Though popular legend would cast them as cold and vicious mercenaries, many were prisoners of war with little choice.

Germans in New Jersey 300 years. 45 minute Power Point slide show and book signing.

Dr. Lubrecht traces the German Immigrants in New Jersey from their entrance to the State to Modern Germans in the State today. Almost 80% of Modern Jerseyites can trace their roots to German origins. The ancestors came from all parts of Germany, some were farmers from the Rheinland, some were soldiers captured by American Forces in the Revolution who chose to stay; others ran from the German Revolution of 1848 only to join the army of the Army in the North and the Confederates in the South; after the Franco Prussian War of 1870 many more came into the cities in New Jersey. During the twentieth century the two World Wars brought Germans to the state as well. This presentation will of particular interest to those tracing their German roots

Butterfly Boys in the Civil War:

The Story of the 3rd New Jersey Cavalry: 45 minute Power point slide show, with uniform demonstration and book signing. Wearing Gilt trimmed hats and bright orange lined capes, these New Jersey Soldiers charged into the Shenandoah Valley and helped end the Civil War. In the last year of the Civil War , the Union formed a traditional European unit known as the New Jersey Butterflies. They enticed men to join a a galloping , dashing, romantic cavalry unit that was originally supposed to charge the enemy armed only with a saber. Officially named the 3rd New Jersey Cavalry (36 NJ Volunteers), also called the First American Hussars, they fought in decisive battles with General George Armstrong Custer and General Phillip Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley, forcing and following Lee’s retreat. Many of them German and Irish immigrants, these “Jersey” men lie buried in their native soil from one end of the state to the other. Dr. Lubrecht traces their histories , and provides a detailed account of their travels, and will sign copies of his book “New Jersey Butterfly Boys in the Civil War” The Hussars of the Union Army” (History Press 2011)

The Hysterical Tyrannical Booth Family:

The assassin John Wilkes Booth was the most famous member of his theatrical family; however, the theatrical legacy of his brother lives on today. Edwin Booth voted for Lincoln and was an avid supporter of the Union, while his brother John was a self-proclaimed spy for the Confederacy who committed what was considered one of the most tragically criminal acts of the 19thCentury. Dr. Lubrecht traces the family lineage, including the famous father Junius Brutus Booth, and follows John Wilkes Booth on his trail to fame and dishonor.

Good Will as I saw Him. Power Point Presentation 45 minutes)

William Shakespeare is often drawn as a larger than life literary figure, and his humanity and personal qualities are often overlooked in the study of his texts. Dr. Lubrecht presents Good Will as he was known to his contemporaries in the light of his life in Stratford, as well as in London, and relates Shakespeare's Life to his works. This presentation uses personal photographs and illustrations from the presenter’s collection.

Abraham Lincoln Goes to the Theater: (45 minute Power Presentation)

Abraham Lincoln attended the Washington Theater on a regular basis. Thispresentation shows his love forShakespeare, and his connection with theatrical productions of the time. Dr. Lubrecht examines the dramas and Operas that Lincoln was known to frequent with famous guests. Few realize the number of friends that refused his invitation to Ford's Theatre on the last night of his life.


Dr. Lubrecht's Doctoral work and dissertation were centered on the directing and discussion of Shakespeare for Youth. The following presentations are based on primary source research and discovery.

A Day in the Life of an Elizabethan Actor:(45 minute Power Point Presentation)

Join Shakespearean Actor John Sinklo, as he prepares to appear in Taming of the Shrew for author William Shakespeare. Start and end his day in London, and follow his trail to the stage at Newington Butts Theater to act as the tailor in the new Shakespearean Comedy. Directing and Teaching Youth Shakespeare: Workshop for Teachers- Dr. Lubrecht has many years of experience in directing Shakespeare for young actors ranging from grade five through college. He has also been connected with Lincoln Center in its inclusion of the Performing Arts in the Classroom, and has taught young performers at all levels of expertise and academic standing.

New book in progress:

My Country Right or Wrong: Carl Schurz Forgotten Patriot

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